Ride the Wind offers Western riding lessons for all ages in a fun and safe environment. It doesn’t matter if you are six or sixty; we can assist you in fulfilling your dream of riding like the wind. Lessons are highly individualized and designed to instill the confidence and skills you need to be safe and secure in the saddle. We stress horsemanship not fear.


Types of Lessons



Beginner Lessons:

Group lessons Saturdays at 1:30PM **Please call to reserve

Individual lessons by appointment

Ages 3 – 60



Beginner Lesson Details:

The first lessons are one hour long. We start the lesson by teaching safety around horses, handling the horses, saddling, and then riding all in the first lesson. Riders next go to our small covered arena (70w x 200L) where they are taught how to turn the horses, stop the horse, balance, light hands on the reins, and also how to think like a horse! Riders that feel comfortable are able to walk the barrel pattern and eventually trot it. After an average of 5 beginner lessons, students are able to learn how to lope/canter safely in the covered round pen (50ft D). Everyone learns at a different pace and we adapt our lessons to this. Lesson horses are available for all levels of riders. You can also bring your own horse.

***Helmets are not provided.




Advanced Lessons:

Saturday by Invitation at 9am

Individual lessons by appointment

All ages


Advanced Lesson Details

Advanced lessons begin with a “Western Warm-Up” where everyone walks, trots, and then lopes their horses in a big circle at the end of the large arena (165w x 350L). If a rider needs additional warm-up for their horse, they are able to utilize the covered round pen prior to our Western Warm-Up. Next, we learn a “skill of the week” such as sliding stops, fence turns, balance in the saddle, and much more. We then put out a barrel racing, pole bending, and straights pattern and divide into three groups. This facilitates the learning of handling your horse in turns, adjusting speeds, balance during quick movements, and general horsemanship. We follow the 3-3-1 rule, walking and trotting our horses 3 times each and then 1 lope. We then finish with a walk so our horses are not exciteable. We end lessons with a fun game like “trot tag”, “follow the leader”, or relay races/obstacle courses.



Price per lesson (cash or check):
$40 for children
$50 for adults
$75 for children with parents assistance





We ride rain or shine but lessons are subject to cancellation in extreme weather. If it is raining, we will utilize the covered arena and parents have a dry place to watch from.

Before riding, you will need to complete a Release of Liability form.