Weekly Summer Camp


Summer is an extremely stressful time for parents: your kids are out of school but you still have to work full time. Are you looking for a great learning experience for your children that will teach them great life lessons, manners, confidence, and is also a physical activity? Our summer Horse camp is just for you and more flexible than ever!



What is Included?

-Drop off at 8am and Pick-Up at 12 noon. Special arrangements can be made for a later pick-up.

-Ground horsemanship and riding lessons provided daily with an emphasis on safety.

-Children grouped with similar ages/experience levels.

-Beginner to advanced welcome.

-Always a minimum of 2 adults on site.

-Life lessons provided at no charge!

-Outside horses welcome- with Coggins.

-Over 20 lesson horses to “graduate” to as experience level increases.

-Bathroom on-site.

-Ice Water.

Payment: Cash or Check